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CENTRA was established in 1991. In the beginning it dealt mainly with freight haulage, waste collection and disposal, and engineering.

The following year 1992, the company began to concentrate on real estate administration. In April 1992 we started with the administration of about 1200 rental housing units in Prague 8. The company’s size as well as the sphere of action in the field of complex building administration very soon became the main programme of the company. 

An effort to provide further quality services related to real estate administration led after several years to the establishment of independent divisions. The new divisions were founded as follows: Real Estate Administration in 1994, Gardening Services in 1995, Cleaning Services in 1999 and other divisions listed in detail below. 

In order to satisfy high demands on the administration of modern commercial buildings, an independent division of Facility Management was established in 1999. Facility Management is a dynamically developing field of business and is gradually becoming the main activity of the company. 

Company history in dates: 
1991 – establishment of the company – freight haulage – 1 employee 
1992 - establishment of the Real Estate Administration division 
1993 - May - 11 employees 
1994 - 24. 1. 1994 the 100th employee taken 
1994 - Establishment of Real Estate Services division 
1995 - Establishment of Gardening Services division 
1999 - Establishment of Cleaning Services division and Facility Management division 
2001 - Financial amounts administered on behalf of our clients exceeded CZK 1.100 million 
2001 - November – Quality System Certificate according to EN ISO 9001:2000 
2002 - September - 400 employees 
2003 - Facility Management division gained administration of building River City – Danube House building 
2004 - Transformation of CENTRA v.o.s. into CENTRA a.s. (Incorporated) 
2005 - Facility Management division gained administration of another part of the complex River City Nile House
2006 - Acquisition of certificate according to EN ISO 14001:2000 and system OHSAS 18001:1999 
2006 - 15th anniversary of establishment of company 
2007 – the company won a number of projects in the Real Estate Administration such as River Lofts Prague 
2008 – Facility Management division gained new administrative complex Office Park Kavčí Hory
2008 – 1. 9. joined the company new CEO Mr. Bohumil Mach
2010 – 22. 6. the company has become a participant of Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic 
2011 - the company celebrates her 20th anniversary

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