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Gardening Services

The scope of orders especially in the field of urban public greenery maintenance led to establishing of an independent division in 1995. From this we extended our services to the area of garden, park and children’s playground establishment. 

Today, the Gardening services division is particularly experienced in complex construction and the following maintenance of relaxation, recreation and park zones in urban areas, including water architectural elements, garden architecture (pavilions, band-stands, …) and garden movables (benches, etc.), as well as design and establishment of gardens ready for immediate use. 
The professional knowledge of our specialists as well as the top garden machinery of reputable producers ensure that the services of this division are always provided to the highest level. 

  • Design and maintenance of public and private greenery
  • Design and establishment of children’s playgrounds in line with EN
  • Design and establishment of gardens ready for immediate use
  • Interior greenery design
  • Expert’s reports on trees and children’s playgrounds
  • Tree and shrub pruning, sanitary and shaping cutting, summer and winter cutting
  • Grass carpet laying a construction of turf
  • Tree and shrub planting of all sizes
  • Establishment of roof gardens
  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Spraying against diseases and animal pests, fertilisation
  • Mobile greenery planting
  • Perennial and annual flower gardens planting
  • Sale of ornamental woody species
  • Free consultancy

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