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Cleaning Services

Cleaning services were originally provided as a part of the comprehensive administration of real estates. Owing to a significant increase in the scope of these services, an independent cleaning division was established in 2000. We currently provide cleaning services on the basis of separate contractual relations, too, outside the framework of the overall building administration.

We provide high quality cleaning services as a standard. We are able to adjust the scope of works according to the building standard and to the client’s requirements. Similarly, we are very flexible whenever immediate commencement of work by our employees is needed.

The long-term experience of all employees, cleaning machinery of renowned makes and wide range of provided services assure the satisfaction of our customers. Having the client’s particular needs in mind play a significant contribution to their satisfaction. 

  • Regular cleaning during day and night
  • Non-stop availability of the emergency cleaning squad
  • Façade and window cleaning employing climbing technique
  • Carpet and furniture cleaning, floor waxing
  • Cleaning of outside areas
  • Snow and ground ice removal
  • Delivery of sanitary aids

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