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Building operation

We provide everyday service, operation, preventive maintenance and repairs of all technological equipment in the building. 

Routine and preventive maintenance is carried out on the basis of pre-decided “Schedule of preventive and maintenance activities” by the maintenance workers themselves or by professional and specialized companies. Our employees provide all revisions and inspections of the technology of the buildings in compliance with the schedule and pursuant to the legislation in force. 

Non-stop running control and break-down service 
The service of our central control room enables us to receive break-down reports at any time; it runs 24hours a day, including weekends and public holidays. We guarantee that the break-down gang will reach the building within 2 hours of the break-down report. 

Cooperation in the final phase of the building construction 
In order to get acquainted in detail with individual technological units we participate in the final phase of the building construction, when assembly of technology, operation tests and technology regulation are carried out. At the same time we make sure that the completion of the installation of technologies is done properly and thus eliminate possible contingent guarantee repairs in future which would interfere with the standard everyday running once the building is in operation. 

Warranty defects 
On behalf of the owner of the building we handle warranty claims from the general building contractor. Furthermore we inspect repairs of faults and arrears found at the handover of the property to the owner. If the owner wishes to claim the warranty defects himself, we are able to produce all the necessary documents needed

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