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Facility Management

The aim of facility management is to harmonize the working environment in a building together with the needs of its users and with the working processes carried out in individual workplaces. 

Since the foundation of our company we have been naturally tending to Facility Management. Due to comprehensiveness of the services carried out to a high professional level by experts from individual divisions we have become the market leader in our field. 

We do not consider the provided services (technical operation of the building, cleaning, security, reception economic services etc.) as individual works, but as a whole. In our conception, the Facility Management is a comprehensive activity where these services are interconnected and controlled in such manner as to produce congenial environment corresponding with the purpose of the building. 

We recognize each property as an investment made by its owner. We offer Facility Management on such level so that our work is a real added value ensuring return on the owner’s investment – as a result of satisfied tenants and full occupation of the building. 

We offer the following to our clients:

Technical operation and administration of buildings 
- Maintenance and operation of technologies and constructional parts of buildings, maintenance works, fire safety, engineering, investment activities etc. 

Building Operation 
- Reception, security services, control of visitors, management of parking in the premises, mail branch services, interior and outdoor cleaning, façade cleaning, gardening, disposal of all refuse both common and hazardous, road transport etc. 

Economic Administration 
- Rent invoicing, calculation and invoicing of service charges, monitoring of payments and prosecution of defaulters, tax, insurance, lease agreement management, monitoring of payments and bonds validity etc. 

”Back office” Services
- deliveries of office supplies, filing, shredding of common and delicate documentation, provision of telecommunication services, photocopying centre, rental of office equipment etc. 

Social Background- Catering, vending machines, day-care centre etc. 

Supporting Operations 
- Road transport, information technology, telecommunications etc. 

Consultancy and Estate Service

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