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Freight haulage was the main sphere of business, when CENTRA was established in 1991. The company later diversified into real estate administration and all the services connected to transport were transferred to a separate division. Presently, this division has at its disposition a large fleet of vehicles and machinery oriented mainly at loading and disposal of refuse and other related activities. 

Our clients appreciate in particular the flexibility and availability of our services – CENTRA’s trucks and containers are available 24 hours a day, including weekends and public holidays. 

  • Disposal and liquidation of mixed, sorted, hazardous waste and debris on the bases of ADR requirements
  • Refuse disposal at contractual end user terminals, final sorting of refuse on CENTRA’s dumping site
  • Rental of low-volume and high-volume containers
  • Transport and forwarding services
  • Removal services
  • All earth works using bulldozers and front loaders
  • Mediatory services in the field of earth works and crane works
  • Demolition works including debris disposal
  • Sale and transport of sand
  • Clearing and leaning of lofts, cellars and whole real estates including related rat extermination, disinfection and insecticide
  • Clearing away illegal dumping in Prague and its environs
  • Forwarding services connected to the transport of goods
  • Scrap and dumping provision

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